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Extreme Speed

Flicker and hum. Neon tangles manifest as temples. Clear and empty. Open road of black azure. Roar, and roaring. Red motorcycle at extreme speed. ~~~ Tangled neon. Flickering temples. Open road. Black azure. Red motorcycle at extreme speed. Tail light … Continue reading

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Wind up birds uncoil songs amongst the locked roads. A face blazes with the audacity of traffic lights changing. Lights flicker of things mother said not to look at that. Smiling Buddhas in a row sit in the great neon … Continue reading

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Neon Carnage

Bright dipper nights. Something resembling form. Dragon storm nights. Something resembling formlessness. Many colours between flicker and flare. Flashes in patterns abandoned bounce across car bonnets. Hitch rides on roving motorcycles. Colours split in puddles. Falling with raindrops. Sidewalks littered … Continue reading

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Faint trails hum in far-flung side streets, muted paths blaze across idle towers, distant marks gleam down lost alley ways, remote streaks flash over wrapped roads, faraway tracks glow through neon blocked main streets. A heliotrope wisp wanders, and wanders, … Continue reading

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Rainclouds have unfurled, to an inverted sea of grey. Below flocks of umbrellas have unfurled, ten thousand raindrops splinter on polyester feathers. Over the mass neon banners have unfurled, the hum and flicker of messages between diners and shops. Under … Continue reading

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Flicker and flare, hum and symphony, intermittent and constant. Blazes of colour that nip and dash, that envelop stationary carriages. Under the splutter of street lamps paper beetles have gathered in droves, from the vast roving concrete faces sift and … Continue reading

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Pine Wind and Bicycles

Under the hum of streetlights, bicycle flutters gather, the sheer grey range reconstitutes as starless black. From the faraways and thoroughfares voices wail, near and distant, chatters of sirens rattle through night black. Through park lands peach blossoms twirl, and … Continue reading

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City Sketches (Poems)

Silvered mists roll in from the bay streaks of star light buried in the fog, boats left trailing in misted wakes. Pillars of steel and glass snake into fog blighted highs, in hazed airs the incessant swirl of abstracted neon … Continue reading

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City at Night (Ode to Blade Runner) (Poems and Fragments)

Levitating bodies of light in the night the city freed from tangible forms ~~~ The streets are empty, neon signs blaze in the haze, their buzzing eroding the silence, piece by piece. ~~~ Through the window of the train they … Continue reading

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Ghost (Poems) (2nd Set)

Nightfall. Eidolic mist amorphous phantasmal drifting from a H O L L O W tree forest phantasm forged in niveous tenebrous airs gliding over leaf litter before l v t t n e i a i g nebulous through the … Continue reading

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