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Feathered Dinosaurs (Poems)

Spectral feather glide mangled carapaces silent on leaf litter ~~~ Wraith bone cloud fractures interstellar light raps on viridian canopies. Sinornithosaurus motions through branches moths tread air evading the tooth laden maw. Momentary distraction of moon beam furrows gliding wing … Continue reading


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The Mansion

You told people you didn’t need a map. You said it would be a short journey from the city to the village. You did need a map. Hours of wandering have left you lost, very lost and what should be … Continue reading

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Voyage (Across the wild blue yonder) (Poem)

Morning tide. A lone ship sails through the deep blue pallid sails tinged golden in the early light. Trailing pirate ship attempts to make its move before swooping dragons offer a worthwhile distraction the air thick with cannon smoke and … Continue reading

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