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Where do the lost poems go?

They take leave through open windows on paper rafts and day-dream passages. They meander through a haze of jumbled letters and words shunted in and out of space. But after that, where do the lost poems go? Do they await … Continue reading

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Lost in Babel

Somewhere in that construction assembled book by book hexagon by hexagon in the visions of Jorge Luis Borges there lies a depot where all of the words typed, scribbled, imagined from futures presents, pasts, are collected, categorised and catalogued so … Continue reading

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Lost Poem Depository

It’s not a busy place, the lost poem depository. Sheltered in a mulberry grove and made up of thatch and bamboo it’s always open. When snow perches on bamboo stalks, rain basins in cassia leaves, willows sweep away stray maple … Continue reading

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