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Wind up birds uncoil songs amongst the locked roads. A face blazes with the audacity of traffic lights changing. Lights flicker of things mother said not to look at that. Smiling Buddhas in a row sit in the great neon … Continue reading

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Fox Paws

Splatters of silver moonlight mark dark cloud valleys, silent scampers of fox paws echo in the loom. The empty azure shines with gleaming emptiness, the morning cloud engulfed and tumbled in fox flames. ~~~ Image found here: http://yamato-japan.blog.cz/0906/kitsune I’d written … Continue reading

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Faint trails hum in far-flung side streets, muted paths blaze across idle towers, distant marks gleam down lost alley ways, remote streaks flash over wrapped roads, faraway tracks glow through neon blocked main streets. A heliotrope wisp wanders, and wanders, … Continue reading

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Rainclouds have unfurled, to an inverted sea of grey. Below flocks of umbrellas have unfurled, ten thousand raindrops splinter on polyester feathers. Over the mass neon banners have unfurled, the hum and flicker of messages between diners and shops. Under … Continue reading

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Mulberry Leaves

The mulberry leaves drift. Pagoda flushed with lunar white. Scattered clouds slide in silence. Dark footprints escape the moons vigil. The mulberry leaves quiver. In silhouette patrols unfurl on paper screens. A fox sniffs the night air. Silent footfalls vault … Continue reading

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Train Stop

Train station. Nights fallen, rains falling. Little less than an inconvenience, little more than a nuisance. Train due: 9.23. On Time. Clouds call in reinforcements. Rain in a steady state, it should try something new. Train due: 9.23. On Time. … Continue reading

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Train Stop Romance

Breath hangs in the air taking it’s time in idle dissipation before rising to star mottled heavens. thacka, thacka, thacka, thacka, thacka. A look around synchronization of eye lines (even for a second) and from there it’s all based on … Continue reading

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City Sketches (Poems)

Silvered mists roll in from the bay streaks of star light buried in the fog, boats left trailing in misted wakes. Pillars of steel and glass snake into fog blighted highs, in hazed airs the incessant swirl of abstracted neon … Continue reading

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I like…

I like being scruffy. Impeccably scraggly. I know we should all want to look professional and clean but I love it when my jeans are shredded, my T-shirts are multi coloured swirls and my sneakers are ragged. I like my … Continue reading

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Sky Raft (Hermitage) (Poems)

The 10,000 stars flow through the star river the lone gibbous follows the current below the night winds howl ashen beard wispish in movement ragged cloak dances in the gale amorphous wind bitten tatters as I look down upon the … Continue reading

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