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Sky Raft (Poems and Fragments) (Set III)

They remained on the edges, sitting and standing. Their heads would tilt, and then re-tilt as they looked at the lights and the people, running along the gangways, disappearing and reappearing in leafen layers. Amongst themselves they would exchange clicks … Continue reading

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Its About That Time (Fragments)

3:18 am blinks on the alarm clock. It’s about that time. When night tide recedes and morning tide rolls in. When everything is covered in a thin, translucent haze. The difference between sleep and wake is negligible. Abstraction bleeds into … Continue reading

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Sky Raft (Poems and Fragments)

They pulled back. Left to build something. A retreat to the forest and mountains, the genesis of the Sky Raft. The way its light glowed, the settlement appeared to levitate, rising from the ground, into the trees and into the … Continue reading

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Feathered Dinosaurs (Poems)

Spectral feather glide mangled carapaces silent on leaf litter ~~~ Wraith bone cloud fractures interstellar light raps on viridian canopies. Sinornithosaurus motions through branches moths tread air evading the tooth laden maw. Momentary distraction of moon beam furrows gliding wing … Continue reading

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Lights (Fragments)

The sun dives, the remaining clouds incinerated in dying embers, red hills flare out. In the night air wisps of violet and saffron dance over the badlands, motionless trails hang in the night tide. ~~~ Dots, specks of crimson, purple, … Continue reading

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Ghost (Poems) (2nd Set)

Nightfall. Eidolic mist amorphous phantasmal drifting from a H O L L O W tree forest phantasm forged in niveous tenebrous airs gliding over leaf litter before l v t t n e i a i g nebulous through the … Continue reading

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Wraith Wind (Poems)

Tombstones wrenched in wraithen wind jet stream Wraith wind howling slip stream Passing ghosts wraith wind trails Lingering wraith wind curved around street lamps spectral calling card Returning to nether worlds dissipating wraith wind

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Ghosts (Poems)

Mist dispersing from space to space Phantasm missing what was Traversing snow pass no footprints Last resident of castles battlements Filtering through sod and wood gazing upon his skeleton Levitating through leaf layers wrapped in blazing moonlight Forest specter ascending … Continue reading

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Gaucho (Undead) (Poems)

Desert wind scarlet dust wrapped in veiled helices shrouding hills and mesas. Wraithen gaucho and sallow horse bleached white flash ashen in the red maelstrom Desert wind lays still crimson sands unmoved record phantasmal prints left by revenant rider, eidolic … Continue reading

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Clouds (Night) (Poems)

Caravan of ghosts moon beam trail Astral rags disintegrate wind strewn sky Wraithen fabric drifting on night tides Ashen giants splinter on twilight gales Phantom brumes dreaming of infinite voids Night rafts of ethereal wraith bone follow waxen rivers Loamy … Continue reading

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