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Neon Carnage

Bright dipper nights. Something resembling form. Dragon storm nights. Something resembling formlessness. Many colours between flicker and flare. Flashes in patterns abandoned bounce across car bonnets. Hitch rides on roving motorcycles. Colours split in puddles. Falling with raindrops. Sidewalks littered … Continue reading


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The Thunder God and The Mud

Ten thousand layers of mud. Another district crumples to dust. Eighty four days. Yellow robes caked in mud. Empty hands continue searching. Scarred and twisted, tendons stretched beyond mortal limits. Thoughts of Izanagi and Izanami preserve effort and rend doubt. … Continue reading

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Mulberry Leaves

The mulberry leaves drift. Pagoda flushed with lunar white. Scattered clouds slide in silence. Dark footprints escape the moons vigil. The mulberry leaves quiver. In silhouette patrols unfurl on paper screens. A fox sniffs the night air. Silent footfalls vault … Continue reading

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Or really, honestly, are you ever going to finish things? It’s been apparent lately that I have been on a poetry and prose streak. Well, I say streak, now it’s really all I do. And really (as of right now) … Continue reading

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Sky Raft (Hermitage) (Poems and Fragments) (Set II)

Derailed mind in need of calm and respite against the Sky Rafts ongoing collapse amidst rot, infighting and jungle intrusions. I left to the mountain peaks and deep forests, unable to return to a normal life. A clearing overlooked the … Continue reading

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In between ideas, drafts and re-drafting I’ve been thinking about my writing and were its been lately. And lately I’ve been mixing poetry and prose. And I like it. It’s fun for starters (the most important thing) and prose lets … Continue reading

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Forest (Fragments)

Sometimes it’s visible. Sometimes obscured by cloud. It all depends on the wind. It’s how the forest moves. If the clouds clear it’s a sublime vision. ~~~ A vast cluster of roots dangle in the azure. Roosting birds rest tired … Continue reading

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Sky Raft (Poems and Fragments) (Set III)

They remained on the edges, sitting and standing. Their heads would tilt, and then re-tilt as they looked at the lights and the people, running along the gangways, disappearing and reappearing in leafen layers. Amongst themselves they would exchange clicks … Continue reading

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Its About That Time (Fragments)

3:18 am blinks on the alarm clock. It’s about that time. When night tide recedes and morning tide rolls in. When everything is covered in a thin, translucent haze. The difference between sleep and wake is negligible. Abstraction bleeds into … Continue reading

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Sky Raft (Poems and Fragments) (Set II)

Humans of sticks and mud aimless hollow gazes ~~~ It’s the same every time. The sick, the weak, the infirm. Unable to reach the higher ground, dragged away by the deinonychus into the forest. The screams reverberate, suddenly suppressed by … Continue reading

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