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Heavens Bridge

Beetle horns collide, unleash forked arcs of heavens power. A wanderer on heavens bridge watches the dipper crash in water vast. Magpie fleets seek the vast star void. From star filled rivers oxen drink. ~~~ Image found here: http://japanhinomaru.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/mitologia-japonesa.html My … Continue reading


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I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe…

Birds of flame spiral down from the sky near the Mulberry tree. I watched a bridge of magpies span the depths of the Star River… ~~~ Immortals riding cranes on the edges of Heaven. I watched dragons and whales rage … Continue reading

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I like…

I like being scruffy. Impeccably scraggly. I know we should all want to look professional and clean but I love it when my jeans are shredded, my T-shirts are multi coloured swirls and my sneakers are ragged. I like my … Continue reading

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Bounty Hunter (Fragments) (Set III)

“Do it. Help me to find him. Or I’ll turn you in.” “…” “You’ll be arre – ” “Arrest me? Been doing that for 15 years. Nothin’ but charred corpses and shredded hulls.” ~~~ We all like to pretend there’s … Continue reading

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Orbs (Poem)

Auroral orbs trail space locomotives on rusting tracks in stellar chasms pulling along side arcane box cars stunting and twisting looping and spiraling lingering streaks of luminous chalk curve around corrugated hulls. ~~~ Originally part of Celestial Wire (https://skyraft.wordpress.com/2011/11/05/celestial-wire-poems-and-fragments/) but … Continue reading

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Celestial Wire (Poems and Fragments)

A series of train lines. Stretching to the outer rim. Crossing two star systems. Built before the age of star freighters. Now outdated. Some tracks were shut down, others lost to the incalculable dimensions of space. There’s still one operational … Continue reading

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Bounty Hunter (Fragments) (Set II)

It’s not like a bounty hunter can’t work for the “officials”. Even though our existence is prohibited, if one is willing to bring in the “right” persons, toleration changes to adulation. In secret of course. “Officials” get their guys, take … Continue reading

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Light Speed (Poems)

It all starts with co-ordinates calculations for the jump. Revolutions of the die banished by automated signals left to ossify in the yawning maw of the stellar regions. Electronic game of tag between computers and engines renders a path through … Continue reading

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Powder Blue (Poems)

Against the void nebulous gas clouds, powder blue gossamers, a cosmic caravans drift. Powder blue sky trapped in a poncho clad ribcage Freight train rollin’ on invisible rails from cloud to cloud in the powder blue sky Powder blue jungle … Continue reading

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Bounty Hunter (Fragments)

The creed (my own creation – to which I adhere): 1) Only catch criminals (Its ethical…ish and nobody really cares if a criminal dies – lack of collateral damage is a good thing.) 2) Only deliver bounties to other criminals … Continue reading

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