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There’s a point in the forest that people won’t cross. Thats why he went there. That point is where the forest gives way to the colossal trees. Their root systems are blacked out the sunlight barely reaching halfway up their … Continue reading

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Room and Garden (Mansion)

Room The door is wrapped in vines, splintered and cracked on the verge of collapse in the face of relentless constriction. The handle is strangled by a creeper. Pushing the door it half opens, half disintegrates. Vines dangle from should … Continue reading

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Tree House

I had had it. I had had enough. Living on the ground had finally got to me. The people annoyed me, the buildings annoyed me and god save me, everything annoyed me. And up until recently there was nothing I … Continue reading

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City of Ramona

Grey, concrete and dank. Ramona’s residents hated it. And secretly they hated themselves for letting it get this far. All of the green had been swallowed up by soulless constructs if scaffold and mortar and never did they try to … Continue reading

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