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Japanese Hair

The fall wind picks up muddled piles of foliage and explodes them into a great and glorious autumn combustion rainbow. In a faraway land, a train of ocean black japanese ocean black hair picks up cherry blossoms from the trackside … Continue reading

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Where do the lost poems go?

They take leave through open windows on paper rafts and day-dream passages. They meander through a haze of jumbled letters and words shunted in and out of space. But after that, where do the lost poems go? Do they await … Continue reading

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(Recluse) Meeting, Farewell and Solitude (Poems)

Sail on Dusk Colour River, Encountering Trout Lone raft on Dusk Colour River, sail filled with the North Wind. Trout flaps in an abandoned net, moonlight shimmer on rainbow scales. Cut loose, quicksilver into azure depths. Waterfalls rage nearby: if … Continue reading

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The Day It Rained Poetry (Poem)

The clouds rolled over and stayed there and got heavier, heavier and heavier still. The clouds cracked and the cracks got wider, wider and wider still until the contents poured out. Pages of poetry rained down, swirling on breezes, plastering … Continue reading

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Water (Poems)

Ten thousand lotus flowers sail down moonlight creek on catfish backs. The river unfurls, and unfurls as the river dragon uncoils, and uncoils. A barge rolls down river. At irregular intervals the roof folds down and the skeleton band plays … Continue reading

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Basketball (Poems)

By a river, near clear water where the trout escape dangling hooks and squirming worms stands a willow tree. Solitary and lonesome in the summer and spring shrouding itself in a curtain of draped leaves emerald and viridian. Autumn rolls … Continue reading

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Forest (Fragments)

Sometimes it’s visible. Sometimes obscured by cloud. It all depends on the wind. It’s how the forest moves. If the clouds clear it’s a sublime vision. ~~~ A vast cluster of roots dangle in the azure. Roosting birds rest tired … Continue reading

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Colours (Poems)

Blackness. Vast, desolate horizon of non-existence. FLASH! Yellow coruscation leaves amber trail condensed on ethereal currents as crimson spirals undercut by purple streaks overwhelmed by viridian flares burning out as azure flickers vanishing into oblivion. Fade out. Vast, desolate horizon … Continue reading

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The Mansion

You told people you didn’t need a map. You said it would be a short journey from the city to the village. You did need a map. Hours of wandering have left you lost, very lost and what should be … Continue reading

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Dragons (Fragments and Poems)

His cave is littered with skeletons and the charred remnants of shields and swords. He never wanted it to go down this way though. He’s so lonely. He just wants to be friends with the villagers. But they always attack … Continue reading

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