Mountain Recluse (Hermitage) (A series of fragments)

The cliff rises out of the dense mist, the summit shadowed by thick clouds, drifting in azure sky. Birds navigate in the heavens, gibbons cry out from boundless forests. Dwelling deep within these rivers and mountains, I journey back to my hut.

Wandering deep within these forests, searching for herbs. Time here is boundless, seasons ending but years faded into the dust.

Mountains pierce the veil of fog, interfering with the path of clouds. Scaling these peaks, I reach a summit. Stretching beyond me, forests and rivers, covered with mist. Gibbons roar and birds screech, infinite sets of infinite worlds, living in the shadows of these peaks, together in Ch’an stillness.

Sailing on the river, heading for trout creek. Drifting by forests, trees with perching cranes. Magpies fly from shore to shore, deer take water and sunlight reflects, refracts and breaks on trout scales. The water fuses with the sky, and I wander the stars with only a raft for company.

Thatch hut, covered in moss, deep within mountains and forest. Fence one with vines, myself one with trees and cloud. Half tame Gibbons take fruit, while deer amble by. Door remains open, visitors a pleasant surprise.

Conical hat covers eyes, ragged robes encase body and long white hair drifts in the wind. Bamboo staff in hand, rags snapping in the wind. Looking deep into this land, I lose myself and know it utterly.

Pale clouds drift in the night sky, revealing stars in their wake. The moon escapes the cloud cover, bathing mountains and rivers in dark – enigma glow. Idle stillness prevails at night, the ten thousand things together in pregnant emptiness.

Inspirations: Poetry of Chia Tao, Hsieh Ling-yun, Shih-Shu, Meng Hao Jan (Ran) and the Ancient Recluse. Also Ch’an (Zen) Buddhism.

Hsieh Ling-yun: and

Chia Tao: Present in the collection, The Clouds Should Know me by Now and collections of his poetry are present here: and

Other poets mentioned previously on the blog, along with places to buy books of their poems.


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A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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