Candles (Poems)

Tiny lions
from candle
to candle

Melting wax
the formation of
new worlds

Wax trails
candle light
the beach head

Candle alight
crimson ghost
sprung from
the underworld

blazing wraith
on a
blackened wick

sudden draft
wisps of smoke
the portal

Candle light
my only
conversation partner

Under the moons
witching gaze
candles slither
over granules
of sand

Travelling by night
wicks flicker
to make out
the wave
from the shore

Waiting till night fall
they clambered through undergrowth
coiled around tree branches
navigated shore lines
avoiding night tides
three beacons
leaving waxen trails.

The only known trace
of the migrating candles.


Inspired by the Rene Magritte painting La Méditation (found at Olga’s gallery: and Richard Brautigans poems A Candlelion Poem and A Good-Talking Candle (


About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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3 Responses to Candles (Poems)

  1. “Crimson ghost”–ooo what an image!

  2. The Lioness says:

    I searched lions and found your worm candles…I liked them. The poem too.

  3. zumpoems says:

    Great images — really like “dancing on a blackened wick”

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