Wizards (Poems and Fragments)

A wizard used to live in this town. Then one day he gathered up his parchments and spell books, heading off into the mountains. Sometimes the night sky is littered with yellow and purple orbs, wheeling before combusting, arcane guts spilling across the stars.


There’s a reason we know he’s a wizard. Whenever he’s on the street he sports a rather nifty hat.


Wizard hat sheathed in dust
Wizard beard singed
Wizard tries that one again

The old spell book
characters glow azure
under a tracing finger

Making the broom dance
one of his many


He’d wait until it was dark and then he would sit beside the train track. He knew of the blind spot were he couldn’t be seen. And the trains moved so fast they couldn’t see the glacial beard, the azure cap and hat, dotted with gossamer constellations. When the trains came past he’d mumble a few words, every time a different combination and a cyan bolt would erupt from his wand, striking the train.

One train vanished. Another dissipated into a flock of ospreys. One metamorphosed into a dragon which flew amongst the clouds. Another levitated for a moment before reacquainting itself with the track. And one shrank to the size of a mouse.

He keeps a journal in his wizard lair recording all the spells and the effects they have on the trains. And on a track, a tiny train rounds the book shelves.


Will o’ the wisps
wizards wand conducts
luminous Foxtrot

Phantasm land
constructed from ether
by swishes of a wand

Willow bush eyebrows
furrow over
a dangerous spell


It was his life’s work. He had retreated to this tree hovel centuries ago. Deep underground under a ceiling of roots the wizard, adorned in black robes spent an eternity of hours twisting and twirling his wand, recording in detail each individual movement and how it affected the space around it. He ran through all the variations, checked and rechecked his notes before bringing his project into existence.

In the blackness of the hovel a luminous yellow orb drifted lazily, paired up with the aimless waft of a purple sphere. Tangoing haphazardly, they were interrupted by a spiralling red wisp, the pair forcibly separated before calm was restored by a green flare, shadowed by a blue flame. His wand twisted and twirled and the colours all danced in sync, lingering trails of chroma wrapped around the tree roots, curved in the stale air as one last gap is filled with a surging orange bolt. All of the colours careened in the darkness looping and stunting, pirouetting and spinning – entwining and dipping with boundless energy.

His will o’ the wisp symphony was finally alive. A sense of happiness flowed over the wizard.


Stars arrayed on garments
reflected in the luminous glow
a wizards pondering

Wands adventures
in the nether world
sketched ghosts

Spells and incantations
whited out
dangling beard


Every so often, the clouds above the village would appear as tangible images. Dinosaurs and dragons would roam the skies. Great armies would enact epic battles. Ships would sail through vast island chains fighting off sea serpents. Great convoys would journey over treacherous mountain chains. In between these diorama’s of loam the clouds would appear as normal, amorphous collections of cotton. The people of the village wondered why this was but answers never were forth coming.

In a mountain valley, deep within a pine forest a wizard, in fits of boredom points his staff at the sky and sketches things that hold his imagination.


Swish of a staff
the clouds dragged
by invisible threads

Doodling pictures in the sky
the wizards boredom

Lonely wizard
a lump of clay
a layer of dust
homunculus banishes loneliness


All inspired by this video:

Video uploaded by user Funkeymonkey88.

It’s pretty wizard. Lets bring it back.


About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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6 Responses to Wizards (Poems and Fragments)

  1. zumpoems says:

    Great mix if poetry and prose — reminds me of what some of the fantasy nvoels do — mix prose and poetry. This is a real delight! (By the way, do really want to get you showcased at choiceposts.wordpress.com)

  2. claudia says:

    oh wow…you just left me speechless with this…i agree with walt…a real delight!

  3. D... says:

    Now that, that was funny. I thought the poems and fragments were fun, but the Robot Chicken reference/revelation was icing on the cake. Ya know what, it was pretty wizard, that’s right it was wizard.

    If we’re bringing back words, can I nominate titwank, my friend and I heard it somewhere and we weren’t sure what to do with it….so….

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