A flock of sheep,
watched over by shepherd of loving grace.

Who knows their favourite grasses,
and can call them all by name.

Who knows their favourite springs,
and can differentiate each one by their foot steps.

Who knows which dog they listen to the most,
and can pick them from eight fields away.

Who knows which valleys they wish to cross under
and can hear each baa’s unique inflections.

Yet, more than all this,
he longs to know of their dreams,
those deep-set wishes and wants,
where he imagines golden fields
and quiet dogs.

But the sheep themselves,
under stars and blue clouds
dream of woolly androids.


Image found here:

NaPoWriMo day 22. We all love Blade Runner.


About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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13 Responses to Sheep

  1. zennjennc says:

    Quirky at the end, but I dig it 🙂

  2. poemblaze says:

    Philip K Dick. Good poem.

  3. annotating60 says:

    I liked this very much. Have you ever read James Dickey’s poem “The Sheep Child” If not you must look for it–haunting.>KB

  4. Timoteo says:

    I can hear “Woolly Bully” playing in the background.

  5. Yes, we all love Blade Runner!
    Mark Butkus

  6. You really set me up for the zinger at the end! I love the description of the shepherd, as it captures the role and mind-set. To think of is as a video game is a hilarious ending 🙂

  7. Didn’t see that one coming! Nice poem!

  8. Rowan Taw says:

    I love the idea that they have more to their imagination than we imagine!

  9. 1emeraldcity says:

    No fair! You put me in a dream world…and then pow!…A bit of a departure for you? …But a great write!

    • I think it’s because I’ve tried NaPoWriMo. Normally these things either never leave my head, or just lie in my note pad. Now I’ve got to do a poem a day, there coming out and it’s great fun.

      And thank you for the comment. It’s very much appreciated.

  10. Hahahaha! I read your piece with fascination, thinking it’s psalm like style was so amazing. Then I read the last line! Absolutely whimiscal! Thank you for that… I needed a good laugh this morning… Loved the photo too!

  11. kkkkaty1 says:

    How nice to be taken into another’s life..even if it’s an animal or tree or a rock! It’s intimate and and fun at the same time.

  12. Woolly android… A phone with a muffler? I enjoyed the write. I love Blade Runner.

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