There used to be 7 axolotl’s in the aquarium. There’s now 6. There’s also a hole in the roof.


The axolotl’s life was a simple one. With his other axolotl’s he would wander the tank, gaze upon the visitors and munch on the bloodworm cubes that periodically fell into the tank. And for the longest time this satisfied the axolotl.

One day a visitor, a small boy left a book open on the bench that ran between the tanks. The axolotl noticed the scarlet wisps lingering in the water and was about to join his fellow axolotl’s when he caught sight of the book.

His golden eyes blazed with excitement. On the open pages were things that looked similar to the axolotl. But what drew his attention were the growths that sprouted from their backs. From what he could see they enabled these animals to lift into the air and cart-wheel through the sky. For the first time he realised there could be a life beyond the tank, an existence free from boundaries and screens. But then the little boy took the book away and the axolotl grew sad and over the next few days succumbed to melancholy.

But he never forgot what he saw. And in the coming weeks all he thought about was diving through the air. His current life now seemed too dull, too unfulfilled. He grew detached from his fellow axolotl’s, his mind consumed by thoughts of flying. His focus became so great that while looking wistfully at his reflection he noticed 2 symmetrical stubs rising from his back.

Unsure of what they could be, the axolotl spent days and weeks watching them, all the while thinking about flying. And in those weeks and months the stubs grew upwards, fanned out, developed networks of veins. The other axolotl’s grew scared and  isolated him.

On his own, nibbling on the leftover bloodworm he looked at his reflection. In his likeness he saw the picture. He had wings. He flapped them, he flew through the water. He had never felt so happy. But he knew this was just the beginning. As night fell he waited for everyone to leave. He climbed out of the tank, made sure the coast was clear and SPLAT. This would require practice. Time after time, SPLAT. But he kept trying. And one night he did not splat. He pulled out of the dive, skimmed the ground before wheeling through the air, dipping and swooping, soaring over the other tanks. He had to get back in the water before he dried out but he could do it. Next step, a way out of the aquarium.

During the day he hid in the plants, at night he tried to find a way out. He found a weak spot in the roof and tried to barge through it. It marked his first SPLAT for some time. Rethinking the axolotl started to dab water on it. Over time the area of the roof weakened until the axolotl felt confident enough to try to escape again. Launching at the roof, hurtling through the air, he smashed through the roof, emerging in the night air. As he floated in the twilight he looked at the stars. He had never seen them before. He liked them. He watched them for a while before flapping his wings and flying into the night.


There’s a creek not far from the aquarium. If you stay there long enough you’ll see an axolotl skimming the water’s surface, cartwheeling through the air before diving below the plane.


Based on the idea of the Pokemon Salamence and its previous evolutions, Bagon and Shelgon:


About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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