Powder Blue (Poems)

Against the void nebulous gas clouds, powder blue gossamers, a cosmic caravans drift.

Powder blue sky
trapped in
a poncho clad ribcage

Freight train
rollin’ on invisible rails
from cloud to cloud
in the powder blue sky

Powder blue jungle
bumble bee
hanging in silk

Rainbow trout
missing spectral
powder blue stream
lends a colour

Forest of powder blue
crosses tarmac prairies
on a slugs back

Lost travellers
pale and gaunt
powder blue sheen

Lightening flash
cauterised powder blue
smells purple

Interstellar frigate
leaves known space
powder blue flash

Howling wind
clouds fissure
powder blue rift

Viridian veil
powder blue burst
snatching dragonflies

Amber flickers
powder blue singe
absorbed in loam

jumping spider
from flower to flower
powder blue
locked in
telescopic eyes

Powder blue flames
powder blue scales
reclusive dragons
perpetual illusion

Will o’ the wisps
navigate leafen seas
trailing moths
bathed in a
powder blue haze

Specks of sky
lodged in snowdrifts
powder blue

Black hole
sliver of
powder blue
spiralling into

Blades clash
powder blue hum
dessicates ether

Ruptured supernova
powder blue wave
cosmic fabric

Phosphorescent moth
a powder blue figment
fading into
indigo forest

Powder blue
in its infinite variations
blinking in
the abyssal depths
of the milky way

Lightening bug
clothed in powder blue
scrambles across the turf

Powder blue glimmer
the bounty hunters
cursed luck

Space wandering
sky raft
powder blue
nebulous winds

Flares and ricochet
powder blue volleys
leave cauterised remnants

Rumble, hum
stars stretch
a powder blue infinity

Deserted highway
a solitary
powder blue

Sky raft wanderer
navigating the maze
of stars
powder blue
in the abyss


 The path from one
universe to another
a powder blue tunnel
made up of
elongated stars

Powder blue ignition
tea leaves
cocooned in vapor

The skeletal moon finessed
by viridian comets
whose amber trails
decay amongst the
sun burst stars
just another night
in the
powder blue sky

A viridian colossus chased across the steppe by powder blue wisps. Greyed remains bake under the sun.


Inspired by the old Chargers uniforms which were powder blue. They really were gorgeous uniforms.


About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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