Views From the Burned Tower

Burned Tower By Moonlight, Thinking of Someone

Burned Out Tower vista, moon shimmers
on hollow surfaces. The Eastern’s winds’

silent billow brings you from clouded
peaks. A sense of sorrow, never meant.

By Burned Tower, Pondering Long Ago

Tower roof long since wind scattered.
I ponder long ago distances, passing

cranes skimmed orions shoulder. Now
oriole song quivers through empty panes.

Burned Out Tower, Change and No Change

Green lake still. Blue Mountains unyielding.
View from Burned Out Tower never-changing.

But those ancient fires no longer rage,
carp here no longer leap waterfalls.

Dust Streams Over Duckweed

Dust streams over duckweed buds,
ten thousand graves swept.

In time, I’ll join them but right now,
I’ll watch the cherry blossoms tumble, and tumble.

Thick Fog, Burned Tower View In Flux

September’s winds twirl gossamer in and
around mulberry groves. Lone raft

appears, disappears. I look for a magic
raft but gossamer lingers, and lingers.





First image found here:

Second and third images found here:


About skyraftwanderer

A person who enjoys writing short story things, poetry and other random things that come into my head.
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35 Responses to Views From the Burned Tower

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  2. Ben Naga says:

    Your distinctive way of writing seeps into me and its influence will eventually emerge in mine, I’m sure. In fact, I already occasionally catch glimpses. Neither is to blame, nor able to take credit, I think. I’m simply happy I encountered your work.

    • Eh, I’m okay at it.

      But really, thank you. I’m only writing like the Chinese masters (not as good though) so it all goes around.

      Really dig your work to. Love the rich, lyrical text. Just when I try that I get too wordy. I’ll give it go some other time though. Tis fun to try new things.

  3. Adam White says:

    Great imagery. So rich and well defined. Great work there.

  4. I was especially drawn to Dust Streams Over Duckweed; its sense of continuity was well considered.

  5. with the disaster of the burning tower, beauty still remained. great write!

    • Thank you for the comment.

      Truth telling time: I was looking for a tower name, and thoug of the Burned Tower in Pokemon Gold and Silver. If anything came from that, it’s all luck.

  6. claudia says:

    the burned out tower and the tumbling cherry blossoms are a great contrast…one to linger a bit before moving on…

  7. PoppySilver says:

    Beautiful intriguing piece!
    The imagery is amazing, bleak and yet fragile, wonderfully thought out! Poppy

  8. Pat Hatt says:

    The images just added that much more, but your words were great could picture it all as I went through.

  9. zongrik says:

    cranes skimmed orions shoulder -> now that’s something i’d like to see!!!!

  10. Neva Flores says:

    I am intrigued by your originality. Wonderful poetry.

  11. Yousei Hime says:

    I am under those cherry blossoms every day in my daydreams. Come by when you are ready to read a long one. I think you’ll like it.

    • Thank you for the comment.

      Everybody loves cherry blossoms. Just can’t help it. And I did catch sight of your long one. I’ll comment on it soon. Wish I could write like that. But I just get wordy and incoherent.

  12. brian miller says:

    fabulous imagery through out this one…i love the cherry blossoms blowing in the wind you know…and there are some really nice contrasting textures in this as well….

  13. C Rose says:

    well penned series, carried lovely, whimsical tone that added to the imagery. ~ Rose

  14. Emma says:

    I do enjoy poetry that focuses on the natural world, and you do it well. I love the contrasts and the sweeping landscape that you’ve painted here. The last time I visited your blog you were sharing another wonderful natural piece…I really appreciate your attention to detail…I mustn’t wait so long in between visits next time.

  15. hobgoblin2011 says:

    Really cool piece. Love the imagery and the choice in words here. Nicely done. Thanks

  16. Wander says:

    Thanks for this…Very much liked the images you included with the poem.


  17. 1emeraldcity says:

    Magical, rich imagry throughout…and most original. Like it alot!

  18. brenda w says:

    Sweet write….Emulating the Chinese masters works for you. I love the image of cherry blossoms tumbling.

  19. Beth Winter says:

    cherry blossoms tumble and tumble

    Beautiful work

  20. Chazinator says:

    Really lovely work. Has that spirit of haiku that seems ancient yet is also new in the bud. Your work emanates the scent of cherry blossoms, high mountain passes, and that sense of impermanence that I love so much in the haiku master. The following lines were especially affective at this reading:

    Dust streams over duckweed buds,
    ten thousand graves swept.

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  22. D... says:

    I love cherry blossoms (sakura) but I also love plum blossoms. They are really beautiful in their own right, and a favorite of Chinese too.

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